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Genre: Drama

Type: Festival cartoon

Status: Investor search

"Stepan and the Monster" - A story of incredible animal relationships that will touch people's souls.

     The first meeting of a little gosling named Stepan with a cow, which seemed to him a real monster, later grows into an amazing and unusual friendship. By the time the cow was preparing to become a mother, Stepan was an adult goose, the leader of a flock of geese. One night he heard from the dark corner where the cow lay her strange moan and felt that she needed help. In fact, not knowing exactly how to make money, he suddenly started shouting loudly. At his cry, the master woke up. And later Stepan saw the same little monster near the cow. Since then, the cow has spent little time on Stephen. Instead, all her attention was focused on the newborn little monster.

     Stepan was bored. Later, the goose family began to shrink markedly, until Stepan was left alone. Meanwhile, goose voices could be heard behind a nearby fence. And one day, Stepan rushed over the fence and landed in the next yard where a flock of geese lived. After consulting with each other, the neighbors agreed that Stepan would live for some time among the geese, who so lacked a worthy leader. Time has passed. The calf grew up and one day went somewhere. The cow was left alone again. Instead, Stepan got used to the new family. He was openly respected and finally recognized as the leader of the gang. And one night Stepan again heard a familiar voice coming from his former home. For the second time, Stepan's desperate cry pierced the quiet winter night. The goose shouted so loudly that he woke up in both houses. However, this time the cow could not be saved. The next day, Stepan saw a truck drive into the yard, and then the men pulled the body of a cow tied to a chain from the barn.

     Stepan remained to live in his new pack. However, from that day on, an incomprehensible longing intensified in his heart. Days passed, and the longing did not pass. And one day the pack raised their heads in surprise when they heard the unexpected cry of their leader. Stepan, suddenly spreading his wings, rushed to the fence and in a moment was in his former yard. He went to an empty barn and lay down in a dark corner where a cow once lay. On long winter nights, hiding his head under his wing, the old goose dreamed, warm summer, his childhood, and a monster with amazing eyes.

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