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Genre: social drama

Type: festival cinema

Year: 2022

Status: ready


Duration: 2h. 16m.

The shocking murder shocked Soviet society in the seventies, and revealed an even more shocking underside of Soviet morality. At night, someone shoots the elderly spouses sleeping in their bed with a hunting rifle. Leaving their 20-year-old son orphaned in a wheelchair. In the course of the investigation, a mysterious life story emerges, at first glance, of an ordinary Soviet family. However, only at first glance.

Офіційний тизер фільму "Сашенька". Режисер - Олександр Жовна. Виробництво - CINEMASTUDIO
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Director: Alexander Zhovna

Producers: Alexander Zhovna, Evgeny Sivkov

Creative Producer: Roman Balayan

Operator: Kolbinev Sergey

"Sashenka" is the second feature film by the famous Ukrainian writer, screenwriter and film director Oleksandr Zhovna. His previous feature film "Liza's Story" was featured in several prestigious international film festivals and for the first time in the history of Ukrainian cinematography was acquired by the world-famous HBO company and shown in fourteen European countries.

The shooting of "Sashenka" took place in S. Moshny, Cherkasy region, Cherkasy and Odessa. The film was created according to the original script by Oleksandr Zhovna by the Cinemastudio studio with the support of the State Film Agency of Ukraine.

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