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Genre: social drama

Type: festival cinema

Year: 2019

Status: ready

Production: CINEMASTUDIO, Trueman Production

Duration: 1h. 58min

The story of two couples in love. One is not quite ordinary, the other is completely unusual. Believing in her is as difficult as not believing. She is as tragic as she is light, as touching as she is tough.

        The complex, sometimes incomprehensible depth of human relations is hidden behind the absolute accessibility, at times graceful ease of narration. Freely subordinating your feelings, she will make you laugh sincerely, and just as sincerely cry.

        But most importantly, as always, it will leave an unsolved mystery. This time, the mystery of the unusual people living next to us with chromosomal aberration, which made them either flawed or chosen.


Human Right



Офіційний тизер 1 художнього фільму "Історія Лізи", режисер Олександр Жовна, 2018рік.
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Director: Alexander Zhovna

Producer: Valery Kalmykov

Operators: Kolbinev Sergey, Evgeniy Sivkov


Main roles: Liza - Akhrarova Maryana, Lyalya - Tvoronovich Daria, Andrey - Perestyuk Nikolay, Kolya - Pogrebnoy Vladislav, Grandfather Ivan - Tiltikov Igor, Policeman Stepan - Pavlikov Alexey.

The script by Oleksandr Zhovna "The Story of Liza" is one of the winners of the 9th competitive selection of the State Film Agency of Ukraine.

    In February 2017, the CINEMASTUDIO film studio and Trueman production started shooting the full-length feature film Lisa's Story. Written and directed by Ukrainian writer Alexander Zhovna. In 2018, the film was edited and dubbed. State financing of Ukraine (Derzhkino).


   In July 2019. the American company HBO, acquired the rights to broadcast and publish on the VOD platform the film "Lisa's Story" in the countries of Central Europe. From 1.05.2020, the film will be seen by TV viewers and users of social networks in 14 European countries.

    In the Ukrainian film distribution company UFD released the film in the fall of 2019.


   The film "Lisa's Story" took part in the main programs of the following international festivals:

- 25th Anniversary International Film Festival in Calcutti, India. 2019

- Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2019 in the Jordanian capital Amani.

- Puni International Film Festival, India. PIFF-2020.