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Genre: Drama

Type: Festival Cinema, Rental Cinema

Status: Investor search

A successful, beautiful, young female surgeon who easily and almost elegantly saves seemingly hopelessly ill people by giving them life, she finds herself in an unexpectedly difficult dramatic life situation. On the way to her beloved in her car, she stops on a deserted road to help a lonely man on the roadside, who seems to need her urgently. It all ends too suddenly and dramatically. A man rudely rapes a young woman. Since then, her prosperous life has changed into moral and physical hell. Her fate becomes even more dramatic when she learns that as a result of rape she became the owner of a terrible deadly virus with a concise abbreviation - HIV. Life at the turn. However, soon after despair comes an unbridled desire for revenge. The young woman carefully prepares it. However, when it comes to the crucial moment, she can't kill her abuser. Moreover, she suddenly learns the history of his illness, which was caused by an urgent direct blood transfusion, which the patient agreed to save the life of a hopelessly ill woman. It was in this medical procedure, which took place a few years ago, that she was directly involved and now it is time to answer for the fatal mistake.

    The young woman struggles with several opposing feelings: resentment and thirst for revenge and awareness of her own guilt before her abuser. Lombrazo's theory is gradually being implemented, which she once studied at a medical school and which she took seriously. Between the victim and her abuser there is a strange metamorphosis of the growth of hatred into sympathy, and then into a closer relationship. As the spiritually and physically offended heroine and her abuser get closer, they suddenly realize how close they are to each other, and they are brought together by the same terrible disease - a deadly virus.

    They are outside the social norm, exiles of society. However, right now they are faced with the unexpected question of what existence is nobler, and perhaps happier, the so-called norm, drowned in lies, meanness and cynicism, or its offended part, caught in extreme living conditions and thus looking at real human values. has become more sincere, spiritually higher, more honest, and therefore frankly nobler than the so-called normal existence - decent for the majority. existence - decent for the majority.

Video presentation of the proposed locations and actors

Видеопрезентация предполагаемых локаций и актёров для фильма "Л"
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