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Genre: Detective, action

Type: Rental movies

Year: 2016

Status: ready

Production: CINEMASTUDIO, Vait Production

Duration: 1 hour 30min

After the end of the music show "Contestant", the brutal murders of jury members begin. Music shows are becoming more and more popular in the world, but no one thinks of the thousands of devastated and disappointed contestants who have not been able to win. Taras Maistrenko is a contestant, he becomes the main suspect, he is persecuted by the police, bandits and ordinary citizens. A fan in love with his talent comes to Taras's aid. Does she really want to help him? Will Taras prove his innocence? But is he really innocent of these crimes?

   Premiere of the first Ukrainian action-detective COMPETITOR. DEADLY SHOW From November 24, 2016 in cinemas of the country.

Полнометражный прокатный фильм "КОНКУРСАНТ".  Офіційний трейлер (COMPETITOR)
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Director: Alexander Belyak

Producer: Alexander Belyak

Cameramen: Kolbinev Sergey, Evgeny Sivkov


Alexander Ponomarev, Tatiana Reshetnyak, Dasha Apstafieva, Anton Kopytin, Sergei Maslov, Yana Roikhman, Ilya Karpov, Denis Kosenko. Felix Schinder, Anis Ettaeb, Boris Barsky. Sound: band "Number 482" and "Money Forward"

In 2015, CINEMASTUDIO together with Vait Productions took part in the production of the film "Competitor"