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RED Scarlet Mysterium X. Movie Camera at CINEMASTUDIO Rental

Red Scarlet-X, based on S35 Mysterium-X sensor (same as Epic). This camera can record an image with a resolution of 5120 × 2700 (5K) pixels at 12 frames per second. At 25 frames per second, the resolution will be 4K (4096 × 2160), at 120 frames per second - about 1K. Reviewers dubbed Scarlet "Epic's little sister" as she can use Epic's accessories. Can use Canon lenses.

Epic-S (Scarlet S35)

5k Mysterium-X sensor (Super 35, 30x15mm, 13.8MP)

working permissions:

- 5K - up to 30 fps

- 4K - up to 30 fps

- QuadHD - up to 30 frames per second

- 2K - up to 72 fps

- 1080P - up to 60fps

- 720P - up to 60 fps

Our company, which rents video cameras in Odessa and other video equipment, is pleased to offer a wide range of its services to potential customers. By renting our company's film equipment, you find a great way to solve the problem of high-quality video recording for reasonable money, without having to buy the whole thing, especially if your filming process takes a short time period.


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