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Beginning of filming of the full-length feature film "Lisa's tale".

In February 2017, the film studio "CINEMASTUDIO" started shooting the full-length feature film "The Story of Lisa". Written and directed by Ukrainian writer Alexander Zhovna. Funding - Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

The story of two couples in love. One is not quite ordinary, the other is completely unusual. It is as difficult to believe in it as it is not to believe. It is as tragic as it is bright, as touching as it is tough. Behind the absolute accessibility, sometimes elegant ease of narration, there is a complex, sometimes incomprehensible depth of human relationships. Freely subjugating your feelings, she will make you both sincerely laugh and just as sincerely cry. But the main thing, as always, is to leave the unsolved mystery. This time, the mystery of unusual people living next to us with a chromosomal aberration that made them either flawed or chosen ones.


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